KING OF THE HILL 2015 – The real Hard Enduro in a new and unique format

King of the Hill 2015 is preparing for the third edition, in 27-29 of March 2015, a new challenge for riders, a new format of the race that will make you cry at the end of day 3.

Russian Rocky 5 – Day 3 – KOTH 2014. FOTO © Denis Gunther/ Enduro.de

First, we start with the Prologue, on March 27th. Hard but accesible for all classes, Hobby and Pro.

Second day will be hard… all “good parts” of the first two edition cobined with the steepest uphills and downhils will make a good selection between the riders. The day is 80km long.

Wade Young. KING OF THE HILL 2014 © Mihai Birca /  ZonaEnduro.ro - www.zonaenduro.ro
Wade Young. KING OF THE HILL 2014 © Mihai Birca / ZonaEnduro.ro – www.zonaenduro.ro

The new thing in this competition is in the third day, and we have prepared a super track, about 15km long, but made only from steep riverbeds and tricky parts. Here the PRO’s will have to race for 3h and the Hobby class will have a 2h race.

Paul Bolton. KING OF THE HILL 2014 © Mihai Birca /  ZonaEnduro.ro - www.zonaenduro.ro
Paul Bolton. KING OF THE HILL 2014 © Mihai Birca / ZonaEnduro.ro – www.zonaenduro.ro

Also we want to announce that a GPS will be mandatory for the riders. The gas for refueling points will be supported by organisers for Day 1 and Day 2.

For Scheudle and entry fee please visit Hard Enduro Club Arad site, www.heca.ro. ONLINE REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN!! Register HERE!


Marcel Teucher is ready for King of the Hill 2014, second edition

Marcel Teucher, the MX-Point.de rider comes back this year to conquer the Ghioroc hills on a tough track, part of the first Hard Enduro Tournament of this year in Romania.

????????????????????????????????????????Following last year’s experience, Marcel would not give up, even though luck was not on his side for the debut edition (2013). “Ghioroc was my first contact with hard-enduro racing. I’ve learned a lot especially since KotH is aiming to become even more of an extreme tournament.”

Marcel recounted for us how a single fall during the first day’s track pushed him out of the contest. “After several long climbs and downhills, the track goes into an almost impossible descent. Here’s where I realized that I’ve underestimated the difficulty of the track. Unfortunately, the gas tank cap accidentally opened and my boot filled with gasoline, giving me serious skin burns.”

????????????????????????????????????????The MX-Point.de rider is readier than ever for the second edition KotH 2014. Here’s why: in Germany, Holger Dettman – another rider that participated in last year’s KotH at Arad and a dear friend of ours organized for the first time the Endurocross race at Vellahn. The superenduro elite, Knight, Bolton, Letti, Nemeth, all footed the starting line up and have made Marcel’s experience unique, in which he got to measure up to the legends of this sport. “Endurocross is one of the toughest and hardest ways to ride an enduro bike” explains Marcel. “After the race at Vellahn I’ve decided to take a break and build my energy for the 2014 season. After being forced by the flu into a 3-week break I’ve decided to get back on the bike.”

Afterwards, Marcel Teucher had been training for another endurocross event in Lodz… yes, Lodz on Atlas-Arena, part of the Super Enduro World Championship where he managed to qualify into the final! “The atmosphere in Poland is unbelievable. I’ve never thought I’ll find myself in the final round alongside the best riders in the world, but after the last qualifying round my dream came true! In the final, 10,000 enduro fans were cheering so hard, their noise was covering the engine roars… Final starting lineup side-by-side: Walker, Knight, Blazusiak and myself. I was so thrilled and excited that I managed to run the circuit with the Pros.”

Marcel says he is anxiously waiting for 2014 King of the Hill and hopes for a Top 10 finish at the end of the tournament. Don’t forget, almost 200 riders have already joined and the signing up process closes at 250 participants. To sign up, go to:http://www.heca.ro/inscrieri

????????????????????????????????????????Foto © Denis Gunther / Enduro.de

David Cyprian enters the battle for the crown of King of the Hill 2014

Foto © Marek Vincik

The wonder kid, who at only 15 years of age finished the Red Bull Sea to Sky and last spring won the HOBBY class of King of the Hill 2013 Hard Enduro is motivated for this year to take home the great prize of KNIGHTS (PRO) class, namely the King of the Hill 2014 title.

We’ve had a chance to chat with David Cyprian and here are some of the things he had to say about King of the Hill’s Hard Enduro debut edition: „The first contact with Ghioroc was awesome! I’ve enjoyed it very much! The terrain is similar to the one in the Czech Republic, so I can say I had home field advantage. On the first day, the Prologue has been relatively easy for me, finding myself into a group of great riders together with my father. Even though I fell twice, I managed to qualify to the TOP10.” pointed out the teenage rider who will make the switch for 2014 from HOBBY class to PRO class of the King of the Hill competition.


„The first day in the woods has been very rough. The track was slippery, with many creeks and many steep slopes to climb, but I’ve enjoyed it very much! The last day of the contest has been somewhat easier, including speed sections and great vistas.”


The 2013 season for David Cyprian opened with the first edition of King of the Hill Hard Enduro. At Enduropanorama he unfortunately broke his arm and was forced into a two month break. „After the injury I started training together with my father and I can honestly say I had a very good closing of the season. I came in second place at Regiment 13 and I jostled with my father Zdenek Cyprián for the podium at Hard Enduro Piatra Neamt, while towards the end of the season I managed to finish Sea to Sky 2013 – probably the hardest race in which I even took part.”


David will participate next year in the bigger class of King of the Hill 2014 Hard Enduro, we’ve asked him about his expectations: „Honestly, first and foremost I wish to be able to finish the race because the course is a very challenging one, then, if possible, a TOP10 finish would be ideal,” says the pilot sponsored by Cyprian S.R.O.


250 places available for second edition of King Of The Hill 2014

Hard Enduro Club Arad is ready to host the second edition of King Of The Hill 2014 Hard Enduro Tournament in April, 4th-6th 2014.


This year the Prologue will be in Arad City also transmited live on Youtube and National Television, so a good way to show for a larger crowd what’s happening in the woods, also a good way to reward our sponsors and riders sponsors. The Prologue will be also like last year, accesible for HOBBY class and rewarded with prizes for both Classes as follow:

Knights (PRO); 1st place 500 Euro; 2nd place 300 Euro; 3rd place 200 Euro.
Squires (HOBBY); 1st place 300 Euro; 2nd place 200 Euro; 3rd place 100 Euro.

The prizes this year for the overall race will be:

Knights (PRO); 1st place 1000 Euro; 2nd place 700 Euro; 3rd place 500 Euro.
Squires (HOBBY); 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes in products.

Entry fee is 100 Euro if you pay in our bank account until 28 February. After 28 February, the fee will be 120 Euro. Online registrations will be closed on 1 April 2014, and after that you can register only at the basecamp.

About the track, for the PRO class will be some new sections and for the HOBBY class a little softer than last year espacialy for day 1 in the woods. Also the gas will be provided by HECA, to avoid the trouble from last year. Riders will have the responsibility to have gas for Prologue and the Gas Tank full every morning at the start.

So, the registrations are opend! Hurry up, only 250 places available this year! Register online on Hard Enduro Club Arad site HECA.ro: http://goo.gl/kj0fnR.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koth.hardenduro
Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/460566637398083

Foto © Marek Vincik


Enduro Trips in Ghioroc, Arad – Romania


4 nights, 2 meals/day and 3 days of full Enduro with professional guide.

For 99 Euro/Day we have bike for rent.


Accomodation is Ghioroc, Arad at the Konak Pension. You have Restaurant, Outdoor and Indooe Swimming Pool, LCD TV, free parking for cars and bikes, free WLAN and after a day of riding free bike and gear wash.

You will have 2 meals/day, breakfast and dinner (soup, salad, main course, dessert)

All this for just 220 Euro/Day!

* this price is for grups of 6 persons and the price is for one person. For largers or smaller groups or individual tours, please contact us by phone or email: endurotours@heca.ro, +40 749 116 323.

Accomodation with breakfast and dinner at Konak Pension in Ghioroc: http://sirenne.ro/konakcomplexturistic


Big Battle for King Of The Hill Crown!


Sezonul 2013 de Hard Enduro incepe cu King Of The Hill Tournament 2013 la Ghioroc, Arad, Romania. Pentru ca vrem o deschidere de sezon cu surle si trambite, prin EvoRacing l-am adus in cursa pe omul ce a rescris legile Extreme Enduro-ului: Graham Javis!

Graham Jarvis si-a inceput anul acesta aventura in lumea Hard Enduro-ului cu o victorie clara la Tough One 2013. Jarvis este pilotul ce nu are nevoie de o descriere pompoasa,  toata lume stie  de ce este in stare Zeul Enduro-ului… daca nu, sunteti invitatii nostrii la King Of The Hill Tournament in 5-6-7 Aprilie 2013 la Ghioroc, Arad – Romania. Impreuna cu pilotul care in ultimii 3 ani castiga mai toate cursele de Hard Enduro in care s-a inscris, il vom avea prezent si pe Luke Copestake si pe Martin Craven. Luke a mai fost in Romania in 2013 la Romanian Extreme Adventure si i-a placut tare mult. Cu siguranta anul acesta se va indragosti de Ghioroc!

Martin este proprietarul Parcului Moto FatCat din Doncaster si inca de la varsta de 9 ani are contact cu motocileta… si cum un bun pilot de enduro trece prima data pe la trial, asa a facut si el, in 1990 devenind Campion National al Marii Britanii la Trial. Urmeaza ca apoi sa alerge la motocorss si in Campionatul Britanic de Enduro. Recent, descopera Extreme Enduro-ul si se intrece cu nume precum, Dougie Lampkin, Paul Bolton si fratii Hemmingway.

EvoRacing si FullRacing, importatorii marcii Husaberg in Romania, vor avea standuri dedicate unde o sa puteti vedea/testa/cumpara noile modele 2013. De asemenea pentru pilotii veniti de departe se vor putea inchiria motociclete Husaberg TE 250 si 300, model 2013 pentru suma de 600 Euro/3 zile. Pentru rezervari a motocicletelor accesati www.evoracing.rowww.fullracing.ro. Pentru mai multe detalii:

Dave Wharton: Email: dave.wharton[@]evoracing.ro, Tel: 0040 766 084 400 pentru Engleza

Laurentiu Nedelcu: Email: laurentiu[@]fullracing.ro, Tel: 0722 456 946 pentru Romana

King Of The Hill Tournament 2013 se va desfasura in perioada 5-6-7 Aprilie 2013 la Ghioroc, Arad, Romania. Vineri, in prima zi de concurs, pilotii vor infrunta Prologul amenajat pe marginea lacului Ghioroc. Ziua 2 are sa aduca 100 km de off-road trecand si prin zona Cetatii Siria. Ultima zi de off-road, ziua 3, e ceva mai blanda cu cei care au izbutit sa treaca de ziua 2, pilotii avand de parcus 60 km ce vor trece prin preajma  Cetatii Soimos. La finalul competitiei, cel mai bun pilot va primi mult ravnita coroana King Of The Hill, apoi vom petrece pana in zori la Sirenne Aqua Club. Mai sunt 60 de zile pana la King Of The Hill Tournament! Inscrie-te online si participa la prima cursa de Hard Enduro din sezonul 2013! Doar luna aceasta taxa de inscriere ramane la 45 Euro sau 200 RON, urmad ca de la 1 Martie taxa de inscriere sa fie 55 Euro sau 250 RON. Inscrie-te acum si vei avea sansa sa alergi alaturi de Graham Jarvis si Chris Birch. Cei doi mari piloti sunt deja inscrisi la King Of The Hill Tournament! INSCRIERE ONLINE KING OF THE HILL TOURNAMENT <– Click aici pentru inscriere!

Credit Foto (c) DLZ Photo, Claudius Vasilescu