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king of the hill 2015 video highlights day 2

VIDEO. King of the Hill 2015 Hard Enduro DAY2 Highlights

A new day in Ghioroc – Romania, a day with rain and cold wind, a day similar to 1st edition of King of the Hill 2013, when the rain was pouring.

First at the start is KTM ZonaPadock’s Mario Roman. The Spanish rider must open the track for the first day in the woods following the GPS and the marking tapes.

PRO riders have a 60km long track with 12 special sections prepared by track manager Marius Dulceanu. Roots, rocks, logs, heavy mud and the rain made the day a nightmare to all riders, espacialy for HOBBY class, riding for over 9h on the bike!

Riding flat out and with no mistakes all day, Mario Roman manages to get the second time of the day behind Martin Volny from Czech Republic.

In third place, Andrew Noakley in 9 minutes and 30 seconds behind the leader and in 4th Lars Enockl form Austria.

Unfortunately the first day in the woods was not so good for Wade Young. Spending 3 hours on the bike, KTM Kredito24’s rider had some mechanical problems cracking the oil level sight glass. From here the South African rider had only one misiion: to bring the bike safe at the finish line without damaging the engine.

The best Romanian rider is Josza Norbert-Levente riding for BGS Motorsport. Starting from 29th position the young rider comes in 7th position with 3h and 23 seconds on the bike.

Riding all day togeder and helping each other on the hard parts of the track, Blake Gutzeit and Ben Hemingway close the day in 8th and 9th position.

Nightmare for HOBBY Class, over 70 riders are not able to pass the finish line because of the hard track.

Leader of HOBBY class is Zdenek Cyprian from CZE followed by Maciej Loboz in second. 3th position goes to Teodor Kabakchiew. Top5 is completed by Grzegorz Swidizinski and Vlastimis Stupka.

Best Romanian rider in HOBBY class is the young rider, Nagel Joanan. He finished the day in 3hours and 49 minutes.
Camera: Ciprian Florea, Szalma Robert Eduard, Mihai Birca
Edit: ZonaEnduro.ro

Got Balls? Ride With Us!

Enduro Trips in Romania – Enduro Tours Service – www.heca.ro

Blake Gutzeit (c) Yaha Stancheva

King of the Hill Hard Enduro becomes the 1st round of the Romanian Hard Enduro Series

King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2016 is now the opening round of the Romanian Hard Enduro Championship.


Hard Enduro Club Arad is preparing for you on 8th to 10th of April 2016 the 4th King of the Hill Hard Enduro edition in a new race format unique in the World with 3 cruel days of Hard Enduro!

The 2016 edition of the race is also the opening round of the Romanian Hard Enduro Series, so you will get points in the general rankings of the 2016 Romanian Hard Enduro Championship.

King of the Hill Hard Enduro Prologue

KOTH2016 has for you a new race format, unique in the World. First day of racing is a SuperEnduro track builded by the one who has raised the dificulty level of the FIM SuperEnduro races, Fair Metal’s Holger Dettman.

Timo Bergman (c) Yana Stancheva

Second day of racing is the “classic” Hard Enduro format race. “In this edition we will combine all the best parts of the previous years, so for the PRO and EXPERTS will be a real challenge,” says the track manager Marius Dulceanu.

Blake Gutzeit (c) Yaha Stancheva

Final day will be a loop track in the woods, made only with extreme sections, so a day to remember! “We wanted to have all kind of race format; some riders are good in fast sections, some are good in slow-tehnical sections, others are shining on a SuperEnduro track. Here you have all!” says the HECA manager, Marcel Vladutoiu.

You can find all King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2016 details on the official website, www.heca.ro. Here are some key points you dont’ have to miss:

– Entry fee 130 if is payed before 1st of March 2016. 160 EURO this deadline (details);
– GPS is mandatory for PRO and EXPERT class;
– New race classes, EXPERT and VETERANS;
– Make the medical assurance in your own country! MUST include compensation for the return of the foreign competitor to his home country! (details)
– MITAS tyres will be available at the PARC FERMEE, also mouses and mounting tools (here is your order form)


King of the Hill 2017 Results

king of the hill hard enduro 2016

King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2016 – OPEN REGISTRATIONS –

Online registrations are open for King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2016 edition. 8th-10th April 2016.

For 2016 edition we have introduced new racing classes. One of them is EXPERT level. This class is for those who are not PRO riders but still more experienced than a HOBBY rider. EXPERT’s will ride on the A track (the hardest track). Experts are divided in 2, EXPERT under 40 years old and VETERANS, over 40.

For HOBBY class we have also VETERANS class.

Registrations are open, the entry fee is 130 EURO if is payed untill 1st of March 2016.


KING OF THE HILL 2015 – The real Hard Enduro in a new and unique format

King of the Hill 2015 is preparing for the third edition, in 27-29 of March 2015, a new challenge for riders, a new format of the race that will make you cry at the end of day 3.

Russian Rocky 5 – Day 3 – KOTH 2014. FOTO © Denis Gunther/ Enduro.de

First, we start with the Prologue, on March 27th. Hard but accesible for all classes, Hobby and Pro.

Second day will be hard… all “good parts” of the first two edition cobined with the steepest uphills and downhils will make a good selection between the riders. The day is 80km long.

Wade Young. KING OF THE HILL 2014 © Mihai Birca /  ZonaEnduro.ro - www.zonaenduro.ro
Wade Young. KING OF THE HILL 2014 © Mihai Birca / ZonaEnduro.ro – www.zonaenduro.ro

The new thing in this competition is in the third day, and we have prepared a super track, about 15km long, but made only from steep riverbeds and tricky parts. Here the PRO’s will have to race for 3h and the Hobby class will have a 2h race.

Paul Bolton. KING OF THE HILL 2014 © Mihai Birca /  ZonaEnduro.ro - www.zonaenduro.ro
Paul Bolton. KING OF THE HILL 2014 © Mihai Birca / ZonaEnduro.ro – www.zonaenduro.ro

Also we want to announce that a GPS will be mandatory for the riders. The gas for refueling points will be supported by organisers for Day 1 and Day 2.

For Scheudle and entry fee please visit Hard Enduro Club Arad site, www.heca.ro. ONLINE REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN!! Register HERE!

King of the Hill 2014 © ZonaEnduro.ro - www.zonaenduro.ro

VIDEO. HECA Enduro Tours in Romania – Extreme Enduro Trips

HECA Enduro Tours in Romania – Extreme Enduro Trips

King of the Hill 2014

VIDEO. King of the Hill 2014 Hard Enduro – DAY 2

ZonaEnduro.ro_ King of the Hill 2014 - PROLOGUE - ZonaEnduro.ro-32

VIDEO. King of the Hill 2014 Hard Enduro – PROLOGUE


O noua clasa la King of the Hill 2014: Princess, dedicata fetelor

Analizand situatia pilotilor inscrisi anul acesta la King of the Hill 2014, organizatorul, clubul HECA a decis ca o noua clasa sa fie introdusa in formatul competitiei, dedicata fetelor.

Veronika KOTH 2014Veronika Dallhammer

“Prietenii mi-au povestit cursa de anul trecut… am spus ca trebuie neaparat sa incerc  King of the Hill! Sper ca vremea sa fie mai buna anul acesta sa ma pot bucura de traseele nesfarsite pe motocicleta mea, un KTM Freeride,” ne povesteste Veronika Dallhammer, una din cele 4 fete inscrise in competitie. La o scurta analiza, Veronika a terminat anul trecut Romaniacsul la clasa Hobby si a primit medalia de argint la Red Bull Sea to Sky… devine campioana Austriei la Cross-Country si ocupa locul 2 in finala Europeana, XCC Baboons. Toate astea, in timpul liber, cand profita de faptul ca e pe sol, ea lucrand ca insotitoare de zbor.

Misa Polivkova King Of The Hill 2014Misa Polivkova

A doua pe lista fetelor este Sabrina Grillitsch, din Austria. “Imi place mult Hard Enduro-ul, de aceea vreau sa vin la King of the Hill 2014 si sper sa am un rezultat bun la finalul cursei,” spune Sabrina, castigatoarea Prologului Six Days Crazy Job din Bulgaria si ocupanta locului 2 in clasamentul general al fetelor in anul 2012. Chiar daca o problema mecanica la motocicleta a impiedicat-o pe Sabrina sa ia startul in 2013 la Ghioroc, nu renunta si vine hotarata sa puna stapanire peste regatul King of the Hill 2014.

Anna Schmolzl si Michaela Polivkova se vor alatura Sabrinei si Veronicai in lupta pentru marele premiu.

Sabrina GrilitschSabrina Grillitsch

Asadar, traseul clasei Princess va fi comun cu traseul clasei Squires (Hobby), dar cu un clasament separat si cu premii surpriza oferite de organizatori. Nu uitati, Vineri 4 Aprilie 2014, King of the Hill isi aduna cavalerii in Piata Avram Iancu din Arad pentru un Prolog spectaculos si plin de actiune cu obstacole atent alese! Sambata, 5 Aprilie dam startul zilei 1 de Hard Enduro! Publicul va putea fi in mijlocul actiunii in zona Cetatii Siria, urmand ca Duminica sa ne mutam fortele asupra Cetatii Soimos. Seara vom alege marii castigatorii al titlului King of the Hill 2014 in Ghioroc – Pensiunea Konak.


Marcel Teucher lupta pentru cucerirea cetatilor King Of The Hill 2014 Hard Enduro Tournament

Marcel Teucher, pilotul MX-Point.de revine anul acesta pentru a invinge dealurile Ghiorocului pe un traseu dur, in prima competitie de Hard Enduro a sezonului 2014 din Romania.

Dupa experienta de anul trecut, Marcel nu se da batut, chiar daca norocul nu a fost de partea lui in prima editie din 2013. “La Ghioroc am avut primul contact cu o cursa de hard-enduro. Am avut de invatat multe avand in vedere ca King Of The Hill are sa devina o cursa extrema.”

Marcel ne-a povestit cum o singura cazatura pe traseul primei zile de concurs l-a facut sa piarda competitia. “Dupa urcari si coborari lungi si abrupte traseul iar da intr-o coborare aproape imposibila. Aici am inteles ca am subestimat dificultatea traseului. Am cazut peste ghidon si motocileta peste mine. Din pacate capacul rezervorului s-a deschis si cizma s-a umplut cu benzina creandu-mi mari arsuri.”


Pilotul MX-Point.de este mai pregatit ca niciodata sa faca fata editiei cu numarul doi, King Of The Hill 2014. Va spunem si de ce: in Germania, Holger Dettman – de asemenii un pilot prezent la Arad anul trecut si un bun prieten de-al nostru, organizeaza pentru prima data o cursa de Endurocross in Vellahn. Elita superenduro-ului, Knight, Bolton, Letti, Nemeth aliniati la start au facut ca experienta lui Marcel sa fie una unica, una in care isi masura puterile pe un circuit de endurocross cu marile legende ale acestui sport. “Endurocross-ul este unul din cele mai dure si grele moduri de a te da cu motocicleta de enduro,” spune Marcel. “Dupa cursa din Vellahn am zis ca fac pauza sa imi recapat energiea pentru sezonul 2014. Dupa o pauza de 3 saptamani din cauza unei raceli am decis sa urc iar pe motor.”

Acum Marcel Teucher isi incepe antrenamentele pentru inca un eveniment de endurocross in Lodz… da in Lodz pe Atlas-Arena in cadrul Campionatului Mondial de Super Enduro unde reuseste sa ajunga pana in finala! “Atmosfera din Polonia este una de nedescris. Nu m-am gandit niciodata ca voi ajunge in finala alaturi de cei mai buni piloti ai lumii, dar dupa ultima runda de calificari visul mi-a devenit realitate! In finala, 10.000 de fani ai enduro-ului acopereau urale motoarele turate la maxim… la start aliniati: Walker, Knight, Blazusiak si eu… am fost atat de incantat si foarte fericit ca am reusit sa fac turele pe circuit alaturi de Profesionisti.”

Marcel spune ca asteapta cu nerabdare editia 2014 a King Of The Hill si spera la o clasare in Top10 la finalul acesteia. Nu uitati, deja aproape 200 de piloti sunt inscrisi, inchidem inscrierile la 250 de participanti. Inscrierea King Of The Hill Hard Enduro 2014 se face pe siteul HECA.ro la adresa: http://www.heca.ro/inscrieri

????????????????????????????????????????Foto © Denis Gunther / Enduro.de