David Cyprian enters the battle for the crown of King of the Hill 2014

Foto © Marek Vincik

The wonder kid, who at only 15 years of age finished the Red Bull Sea to Sky and last spring won the HOBBY class of King of the Hill 2013 Hard Enduro is motivated for this year to take home the great prize of KNIGHTS (PRO) class, namely the King of the Hill 2014 title.

We’ve had a chance to chat with David Cyprian and here are some of the things he had to say about King of the Hill’s Hard Enduro debut edition: „The first contact with Ghioroc was awesome! I’ve enjoyed it very much! The terrain is similar to the one in the Czech Republic, so I can say I had home field advantage. On the first day, the Prologue has been relatively easy for me, finding myself into a group of great riders together with my father. Even though I fell twice, I managed to qualify to the TOP10.” pointed out the teenage rider who will make the switch for 2014 from HOBBY class to PRO class of the King of the Hill competition.


„The first day in the woods has been very rough. The track was slippery, with many creeks and many steep slopes to climb, but I’ve enjoyed it very much! The last day of the contest has been somewhat easier, including speed sections and great vistas.”


The 2013 season for David Cyprian opened with the first edition of King of the Hill Hard Enduro. At Enduropanorama he unfortunately broke his arm and was forced into a two month break. „After the injury I started training together with my father and I can honestly say I had a very good closing of the season. I came in second place at Regiment 13 and I jostled with my father Zdenek Cyprián for the podium at Hard Enduro Piatra Neamt, while towards the end of the season I managed to finish Sea to Sky 2013 – probably the hardest race in which I even took part.”


David will participate next year in the bigger class of King of the Hill 2014 Hard Enduro, we’ve asked him about his expectations: „Honestly, first and foremost I wish to be able to finish the race because the course is a very challenging one, then, if possible, a TOP10 finish would be ideal,” says the pilot sponsored by Cyprian S.R.O.


Posted by Paul Mos

Graham Jarvis