In October 2014, 2nd to 5th we meet in Ghioroc, Arad – Romania to close properly the enduro season 2014. To do it in big style, we invite you to the friendly race, King Of The Beer Hard Enduro 2014 where Check Point’s are turning into Beer Point’s!

king of the beer 2014

3 days of party, 3 days of hard enduro, no stopwatch, no ranking, just enjoying King Of The Hill 2014 tracks in Ghioroc, the place where Wade Young was crowned “King of The Hill 2014” in April.

For just 200 EURO, providing accommodation, food and parties after each day, with indoor and outdoor swimming pool plus many other surprises prepared to participants! Important: FREE BEER for everyone!

Sign in for King Of The Beer 2013 Hard Enduro – Limited places!

Payment will be made by bank transfer. To confirm your entry you must pay in 24 hours the entry fee and send us an e-mail with the recipt from the bank to adress:

Please mention at the bank TAX KOTB [YOUR NAME]

Here are the accounts for payment:
BRD Bank Arad
EURO: RO74BRDE020SV56573810200


Adress: Ghioroc, FN, Arad, Romania

King of the Beer 2014 Riders