Marcel Teucher is ready for King of the Hill 2014, second edition

Marcel Teucher, the rider comes back this year to conquer the Ghioroc hills on a tough track, part of the first Hard Enduro Tournament of this year in Romania.

????????????????????????????????????????Following last year’s experience, Marcel would not give up, even though luck was not on his side for the debut edition (2013). “Ghioroc was my first contact with hard-enduro racing. I’ve learned a lot especially since KotH is aiming to become even more of an extreme tournament.”

Marcel recounted for us how a single fall during the first day’s track pushed him out of the contest. “After several long climbs and downhills, the track goes into an almost impossible descent. Here’s where I realized that I’ve underestimated the difficulty of the track. Unfortunately, the gas tank cap accidentally opened and my boot filled with gasoline, giving me serious skin burns.”

????????????????????????????????????????The rider is readier than ever for the second edition KotH 2014. Here’s why: in Germany, Holger Dettman – another rider that participated in last year’s KotH at Arad and a dear friend of ours organized for the first time the Endurocross race at Vellahn. The superenduro elite, Knight, Bolton, Letti, Nemeth, all footed the starting line up and have made Marcel’s experience unique, in which he got to measure up to the legends of this sport. “Endurocross is one of the toughest and hardest ways to ride an enduro bike” explains Marcel. “After the race at Vellahn I’ve decided to take a break and build my energy for the 2014 season. After being forced by the flu into a 3-week break I’ve decided to get back on the bike.”

Afterwards, Marcel Teucher had been training for another endurocross event in Lodz… yes, Lodz on Atlas-Arena, part of the Super Enduro World Championship where he managed to qualify into the final! “The atmosphere in Poland is unbelievable. I’ve never thought I’ll find myself in the final round alongside the best riders in the world, but after the last qualifying round my dream came true! In the final, 10,000 enduro fans were cheering so hard, their noise was covering the engine roars… Final starting lineup side-by-side: Walker, Knight, Blazusiak and myself. I was so thrilled and excited that I managed to run the circuit with the Pros.”

Marcel says he is anxiously waiting for 2014 King of the Hill and hopes for a Top 10 finish at the end of the tournament. Don’t forget, almost 200 riders have already joined and the signing up process closes at 250 participants. To sign up, go to:

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Posted by Paul Mos