Racing Service for King Of The Hill 2017 by Fm Racing Romania

Motorcycle Service for King Of The Hill 2017

Racing Service for King Of The Hill 2017 by Fm Racing Romania

Entry fee

Entry fee for March is 180 Euro and can be paid until 31 March.
200 EURO entry fee inscription only at the office 6th April 2017

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King of the Hill Hard Enduro – Edition 5 – is coming fast! Less than a month to go and we see you back in our playground area!

We are offering an extensive package that will allow you to enjoy your race in the knowledge that we will do everything you would do yourself, we like to call it “Factory treatment”
Our Service for King Of The Hill 2017 is located in the main paddock, you will have acces to our rest place where we have refrigerator with cold drinks, food and coffe machine.
Our mechanics are very prepared for this type of races and they can diagnose and repair everything on your bike.

In the evenings we will wash your bike and start service your bike in line with recommended service protocols, checking for loose nuts and bolts, necessary adjustments and wear.
Problems identified will be fixed with our parts, we will provide also Spare Parts and accessories at the paddock area. We will also offer advice where required to improve things ( jetting, suspension settings etc ).

After our experience we can give you advises about what type of tires to use or wich jetting or suspension setting to use in this race
This service package is available for all Enduro motorcycles manufactured.
One part of our team will be present every day in service points where they can offer you spare parts, fast service, food and cold drinks.

Fm Racing bike service for King Of The Hill 2017 hard enduro rallye:
1. Bike wash after every race day
2. Bike service before the race at the paddock with minimum 5 mechanics
3. Bike service during the race Service Points with 3 experienced mechanics.
4. Bike spare parts at the paddock and at the Service point (Our stock) (KTM/ Husqvarna Dealer)
5. Mousse/Tubliss and tyres change service
6. You can also pre-order spare parts for your bike (KTM – Husqvarna
We can also provide transport to the start area in every morning for rider and bike (this is an extra cost)
If you wish more information please send an email to .

We are a company which has specialised in the offroad motorcycle business since 2003. We are based in Alba Iulia near to Arad. Our full service means that we will not give you tools to repair your bike by yourself, we will do this for you in ‘paddock’ and also at ‘Service points’ during the race.

Price for service : 250 Euro/ Rider
email : 
tel: 0040-742265487


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