UPDATES about GPS use at King of the Hill 2015

27-29 of March, King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2015 will start with a new race format unique in the World. On 27 we will have the PROLOGUE, a special hand-made track with lots of spectacular obstacles. For DAY2, HECA has prepared for you a 80km long track with all the best parts of the first two editions of #KOTH. On the last DAY, for HOBBY class a 2h race and for PRO’s 3h on the bike in a closed circuit in the woods made only with extreme sections will drain riders power for sure.



For saftey reasons all the riders who want to ride with a GPS is possible. We will give you the track for the class you have signed in. All the GPS devices will be given at the HECA Headquarters and you will recive the GPS loaded with DAY 1 track the night before the start.

The riders who don’t have GPS, the track will be well marked with tape and directional arrows, so as we sayd, the GPS is just for safety.

Second DAY of racing you will be racing in a closed circuit Extreme Enduro Track and the GPS has no use, just to add some weight on your bike.

Online registrations are OPEN on the official site of Hard Enduro Club Arad: http://heca.ro/en/registrations/.


Posted by Paul Mos