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GASGAS SERVICE & BIKE RENTAL at King of the Hill Hard Enduro

GasGas Romania is coming at King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2018 and offers full support to all GasGas riders. Also you can rent a brand new GasGad during race.


All bikes are GASGAS EC300 2018 model, ready to race:
o Handguards
o Radiator guards kit
o Radiator fan kit
o Engine guard

o Exhaust protection
o Ignition cover protection
o Clutch cover protection

 Full gas tank  New enduro tires with reinforced tubes
 Tire and mousse special offer available
 Top mechanics or factory service special offer available
 Rental period: 22-25 03.2018
 The bikes are available since Thursday 22.03.2018

Professional setting up of the bike personalised to each rider  Broken parts and plastics will be invoiced to the rider  All bikes are registered and have regular insurance for damages on others  The bikes can be driven on public roads  In case of bike theft or total distruction of the bike the rider will pay
7.000EUR plus VAT
Service Package

 Professional Race Mechanics will take care and prepare your bike
 You can book the Service Package for your own bike or for a rented one
 The service is available in the paddock and at the official service points
during the race
 Service period: 22-25.03.2018
 All labour is included, spare parts not included
 Preparing and setting the bike before the race personalized for the rider  Tire and Mousses service is not included
 Bike wash is not included but available for 10 EURO/wash
 Cold water, water for camel bag, snacks, fruits, sandwiches during the race
at the service point  Refueling the bikes after the race and at the service points  Free wifi at the paddock  Private Prologue training with specialized instructor – tips and tricks  Professional race training with premium instructor  Experienced advice about the track and race
 Carry over of a 12 liter box with personal things to service points

CONTACT: 0040-748-295-067 | moto@chemtraders.ro


KOTH2016 – History – 3h Race

Let’s remember 2016 edition of King of the Hill, the moment when we introduced the 3h Extreme Race for the last day of racing.


We have raised the number of riders allowed to start KOTH2018

At your request we are keeping the registrations OPEN, but not for a long time!

Arad, Romania, King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2017 riders participate at World Hard Enduro Series on April 7, 2017



For a better flow of the events we will close registrations for a while and then all who didn’t confirm their registration will be deleted from our lists. We will apply the rule of first paid first served.

We will be back with more details! Until then, tell your friends that KOTH2018 registrations are still OPEN!!


Rent a bike/Service for King Of The Hill 2018: KTM & Husqvarna 2018 available!

In 2018 Fm Racing Romania will be again present at King Of the Hill. So if you want a place in our Racing Service all you have to do is to book your flight to Romania and let us do the rest.

We stand for quality not quantity so we did our best to have the newest and best motorcycles so that customers will have the best performance and results. Buy Motorcycle Boots from Moto Central and Book your favourite weapon from our range of motorcycles, and check out our “Factory treatment” Racing Service offer below :

  • KTM EXC 300 TPI 2 STROKE 2018,
  • KTM EXC TPI 250 2 STROKE 2018,
  • HUSQVARNA TE300i 2 STROKE 2018,
  • KTM 250 SIX DAYS 2 STROKE 2017,
  • KTM FREERIDE 350 4 STROKE 2017.
  • KTM FREE-RIDE 250 4 STROKE 2018
  • KTM 350 EXC-F 2018
  • HUSQVARNA TE 350 2018

The bikes will be available 2 days before the race so the riders can train around the location of the race (Saturday and Sunday).

Before the race, we offer – free of charge – a full tank of fuel for the first day only and mixture oil for all race days!

If you prefer Trail bike riding with your family on the weekends check out https://www.wildridesfiordland.co.nz where you can explore the wilderness of the Fiordland National Park with our private 4WD expeditions and bikes.

Riders can pre-order  tyres, Mousse/Tubliss, spare parts or the special parts you want to have bike prepared with for all days of the race, fitting your personal needs/preferences. The bikes are already equipped with extra parts/protections as :

– Skid plate

–  Automatic Fan Cooler

– Aluminum Radiator Guards

– Plastic Clutch Cover

– Swingarm Protection

– Carbon Pipe Protection

– Aluminum Handguards

– Mousse or Tubliss in rear (your choice)

– Aluminum Pro-Link Protection

– Front/Back  Strap

– New Tyres

Service during the race consists of:

  • Bike wash after every race day
  • Bike service before every race day
  • Problems identified will be fixed with their spare parts (we are KTM/Husqvarna dealer)
  • Bike spare parts at the paddock
  • Mousse/Tubliss and tyres change service
  • We will also offer advice where required to improve things (jetting, type of tyres, Mousse or Tubliss, suspension settings etc.)
  • In the evenings we will wash your bike and service your bike in line with recommended service protocols, checking for loose nuts and bolts, necessary adjustments and wear.

*Parts broken/damaged during the race will be financially supported by the riders.

*Spare parts, spare tyres, Mousses/Tubliss are not included in the service price, the riders will pay them separately.

In paddock you will have acces to our tents where we offer you cold/hot drinks, coffe and fresh fruits.

Experience, passion for motorcycles and our determination to always be on top are some of the most important qualities that will take them further and further in the motorcycle and service business. So if you want to be a part of our adventurous and passionate team, write us and we will happily answer to all of your questions.

Limited Places!!! (only 10 places available).

E-mail: alfred.fmracing@gmail.com

Tel.: 0040-742265487

E-mail: teodora@fmracing.ro

Tel.: 0040-746346319

Website: www.fmracing.ro


VIDEO. New tracks are born

Working our ass out to find for you new tracks and new experiences for 2018 edition of King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2018!

The race has only 50 places remaining! 300 riders are allowed to start 5th edition of King of the Hill.


#KOTH18. Bank accounts are ready for payment

Bank accounts are ready! First riders who will make the payment will have a starting place. Please use the following datas for payment:
ACCOUNT OWNER: Asociația Hard Enduro Club Arad

EURO: RO75 INGB 0000 9999 0738 6305

RON: RO22 INGB 0000 9999 0738 6289


ADRESS: Str. Nouă, Nr. 63, Arad – Romania

CUI: 3405 6030

Please bring on you the papers which confirm your payment at the office before competition.

We will make public a list with the confirmed payments and starting places. For a good organisation and less time spent at registrations if everything is made in time we guarantee a 5 minutes registration at the office!