KOTH 2020 – CANCELED for this year.

2020 seems to be the year of canceled events. Looks like our race must be canceled this time. The 8th edition of King of the Hill Hard Enduro will be held the next year 2021, same dates like always, the end of March, or the first weekends of April.

We tried to prepare the race for November, this year, but the African swine fever has hit the forests where King of the Hill tracks are. It is so bad, that the authorities had restricted the access into the woods for everyone for two months, so even if we had the tracks marked before the Sars-Cov2 pandemic, we had to take the markings out also. The time remaining for marking for the second time is too tight because of the banned access in the woods so we can’t risk having bad markings and to expose riders to risks.

Also, the Sars-Cov2 is still affecting traveling from a country to another (and we got many emails regarding that riders can’t pass the border) and the number of infected people in Romania is higher and higher every day, after a tough decision, we must CANCEL the event for this year.

All riders who paid the entry fee for this year will be automatically registered for the 2021 edition of KING OF THE HILL HARD ENDURO with no extra taxes!

Keep safe and ride smart!


King of the Hill Hard Enduro postponed due to COVID-19 Epidemia in Europe

Unfortunately, this moment has come and we must announce that King of the Hill Hard Enduro race has been postponed due to the Coronavirus epidemic in Europe.

Authorities have closed all schools and canceled all events no matter if the event is indoor or outdoor like KOTH is. Also, due to restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Health, all people who came to Romania from a country affected by Coronavirus will stay 2 weeks in quarantine, specialy if they are older adults, hop over to this web-site to learn about the special cares they will required while they stay at home. King of the Hill Hard Enduro race will be postponed to a date when no risks will be taken for riders and organizers.

We don’t want to expose our riders and riders families to this new epidemic so we must delay this race. It is hard for us, is the first time when we do this, but is not our decision anymore! All riders who paid the entry fee will be automatically registered to our event when everything is safe.

We’ll keep you updated with any news regarding King of the Hill Hard Enduro event date and we will announce you in advance with 2 months before the event.


Mitas Tire Service during King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2020

FM Racing Romania will provide you Official Mitas Tire Service during King Of The Hill 2020. You can book your Mitas Tires for King Of The Hill at a special price if tires are booked before the 15.03.2020

– Mitas EF07 140/80-18 Single Green – 64 EURO
– Mitas EF07 140/80-18 Double Green – 66 EURO

– Mitas Terra Force 140/80-18 Single Green – 69 EURO
– Mitas Terra Force 140/80-18 Double Green – 71 EURO
– Mitas C19 90/90-21 Green – 53 EURO
– Mitas C19 90/100-21 Green – 58 Euro
– Mitas Terra Force 90/90-21 – 57 EURO
– Mitas Terra Force 90/100-21 – 60 EURO-
-Mousse SuperSoft 140/80-18″ – 105 Euro
– Mousse Soft 140/80-18″ – 105 Euro
– Mousse Standard 140/80-18″ – 90 Euro
– Mousse 90/90-21 – 95 Euro
– Mousse 90/100-21 – 99 Euro
– Tubliss Front or Rear : 90 EURO

You will pay all tires in paddock when you will pick up !
You can book your tires by email :
– ana@fmracing.ro

At the padock area Fm Racing Romania will provide you service for tires.
Fm Racing Romania Service assistance at King Of The Hill 2020
This service package is available for all Enduro motorcycles manufactured.
All competitors who take the Fm Racing Service’ will have access to support tents in the ‘Paddock’ and at all ‘service points’.

Fm Racing bike service for King Of The Hill 2020 hard enduro rallye:
1. Bike wash after every race day
2. Bike service before the race at the paddock with minimum 4 mechanics
3. Bike spare parts at the paddock and at the Service point
4. Mousse/Tubliss and tyres change service
5. You can reserve Mitas/Metzeler tyres and mousses before the race at special prices
6. You can also pre-order spare parts for your bike (KTM – Husqvarna)
7. At paddock and service point we will have water.
– If you wish more information please send us an email.
– We can give you advice about the tracks and race
We are a company which has specialised in the offroad motorcycle business since 2003. We are based in Alba Iulia near to King Of The Hill
Our full service means that we will not give you tools to repair your bike by yourself, we will do this for you in ‘paddock’

The price for the Fm Racing full service is 290 euro / Rider
email : alfred.fmracing@gmail.com
tel: 0040-742265487


ENTRY FEE remains at 160 EURO until 25 March 2020!!

HECA Team decided to keep the entry fee at 160 EURO until 25 March 2020!

For a starting place, you need to make a full 100% payment of 160 EURO into our bank account until MARCH 25th 2020.

Photo (c) Mihai Birca – Zona Enduro

After 25th March the registration fee can be paid only at the office (2th April)  and is 250 EURO.

After 25th MARCH registrations can be paid only at the race office in Ghioroc 2nd APRIL 2020 and the entry fee is 250 €.

160 EURO and 250 entry fees do NOT INCLUDE accommodation, breakfast or evening meals for PRO, HOBBY classes.

The legal document stating the payment shall mandatory contain the name of the competitor/competitors for which the payment of the participation fee is made.

Please mention at the bank TAX KOTH [YOUR NAME].

If you pay for more than 1 rider, please mention all riders names at the bank. TAX KOTH [1st NAME], [2nd NAME], [3rd NAME], [X NAME].

Also please have at the inscriptions (at the KOTH office in Ghioroc – KONAK Pension) the confirmation papers from the bank that you have made the payment to our account to avoid any misunderstanding.

Here are the accounts for payment:

ACCOUNT OWNER: Asociația Club Sportiv Hard Enduro Arad

EURO: RO77 BTRL EUR CRT 0506 200 601

RON: RO30 BTRL RON CRT 0506 200 601


ADDRESS: Str. Nouă, Nr. 63, Arad – Romania

CUI: 3405 6030

If cancellation, 20 EURO from the inscription fee will be retained for the bank commission. Any withdrawal after 1st Mach is not valid. Withdrawals can be made at koth.hardenduro@gmail.com. The email must contain attached: The legal document stating the payment and shall mandatory contain the name of the competitor/competitors for which the payment of the participation fee was made.

It is possible to transfer your ENTRY FEE to another rider.



What is Hard Enduro? Hard Enduro, in our opinion, is the most enjoyable sport you can practice! What means HARD ENDURO for you? Leave us a comment!

Here you have some old footage from 2016, King of the Hill Hard Enduro – Arad – Romania. You can see how riders are pushing their limits. In any race, is important to know what is the limit and race organizers to be right on the edge!

Are you ready for the 2020 edition?
King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2020
✌️ TWO race classes, HARD ✊ and SCARRY HARD 💪😱!

➡️ Registrations are open
📝 www.heca.ro
💵 160 EURO Entry Fee
📅 3-4-5 April 2020

Thumbnail: www.actiongraphers.com


VIDEO. Panta Mare – King of the Hill Hard Enduro Hill Climb

One of the trickiest Hill Climbs from King of the Hill Hard Enduro Race. Here you are 2016 when the organizers have put PRO and EXPERT class to ride this hill up.


All the local riders have named this uphill “PANTA MARE” because at that time this was the biggest hill to ride and the biggest challenge for them.

Now we can say there are only rocks and roots so not so easy to get your bike up. For 2020 this will be again part of the track so chose your line better!

🆕 Do you have a good video? We’ll make it viral!
📬 Send us the video via:
➡ Facebook: @zonaenduro
➡ Whatsapp: +40741227384


VIDEO. What to expect for King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2020. Part 1

Here are some parts of the 2020 track of King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2020.

Check out the battle on the first PRO and EXPERT section from King of the Hill Hard Enduro!! 10 minutes from the START line is this river bed, now even harder! You must be a RIVER MONSTER to say this is quite easy!



King of the Hill Hard Enduro 2020 – DETAILS about race

First Hard Enduro race of the 2020 season is getting shape! More than 60% of the track are new and are a mix of all the best parts we found in eight years of KOTH.

What is new, are the RACE CLASSES.

This year we want to get back to the roots of King of the Hill Hard Enduro. So riders can chose between PRO track which now incorporate the EXPERT CLASS and HOBBY track. Hobby track is not quite a Hobby track, you must be well prepared to finish the race.

Every year the racing level is rises, and we want to put our riders to push their limits, that’s why we want to have just two racing classes. Now, the EXPERTS can feel that PRO track or they can sit back, and chose the HOBBY class.

We’ll have a limit of riders for each class to avoid bottle necks in the forest. So get ready for REGISTRATIONS. Online registrations will be open on 1st November 20:00 hours, Romanian time.



All the action will be in Ghioroc – Arad – Romania, the PROLOGUE, the BASE CAMP and the PARC FERME.