• King of the Hill – FREERIDE – 2016 is a like the name says, a freeride on the infamous land where King of the Hill Hard Enduro is held.

    The race format is like this:

    1st DAY – 23 September – FRIDAY – MOTOCROSS in the heart of Arad City. The fastest riders will get points which will count at the final rankings.

    2nd DAY – 24 September – SATURDAY – is something what we borrowed from 4×4 races. You will get on your GPS some points in the woods. How you get there is your choice, you can chose the hard way or the easy way. Here you will find some surprizes. At the end of the day, the riders will be awarded with points. When the night comes, we will trow a kickass party!

    3rd DAY – 25 September – SUNDAY – the rules are the same like Saturday. In the end the rider with most of the points will win!

    AFIS FREERIDE KOTH 2016-01-01


    Entry fee for King of the Hill FREERIDE 2016 event is 80 EURO* and includes a barbecue party FRIDAY and one picnik SATURDAY and SUNDAY.

    To confirm your entry you must pay in 24 hours the entry fee (80 EURO*) and send us an e-mail with the recipt from the bank.

    Please mention at the bank FREERIDE [YOUR NAME].

    If you pay for more than 1 rider, please mention all riders name at the bank. FREERIDE [1st NAME], [2nd NAME], [3rd NAME], [X NAME].

    Also please have at the KOTH office in Ghioroc – KONAK Pension the confirmation papers from the bank that you have made the payment to our account to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Here are the accounts for payment:
    BRD Bank Arad
    EUR: RO74BRDE020SV56573810200
    RON: RO97BRDE020SV53586720200
    Account owner: HARD ENDURO CLUB ARAD
    Adress: Ghioroc, FN, Arad, Romania

    * does NOT include accomodation. You can have accomodation for 35 EURO/day



    You will need a valid off-road licence – for Romanians. Foreginers must have a start permision from their home country motorcycle federation, just in case you have only national licence, not an international one.

    Licences for this type of race are 5 EURO and the insurance for one race is 25 EURO.

    GPS POINTS upload – GPS is MANDATORY, you can ride in groups.


    13:00 – 14:00 Registrations

    15:00 – 17:00 Motocross – Details at the track

    Barbecue PARTY



    09:00 GPS Points Upload

    10:30 START

    18:00 Stop Time

    20:00 PARTY – @Harley Davidson Club – Konak Pension



    10:30 START

    18:00 Stop Time


  • Accomodation is 35 EURO/Day/person with breakfast and dinner included at KONAK PENSION, Ghioroc – ARAD.