King of The Beer 2013- a “friendly” Hard Enduro meeting in Ghioroc, Arad, Romania

In 27, 28 and 29th of september we will ride again the bikes on the 2013 King of The Hill tracks- this time without chronograph, but with a lot of beer! Yes, King of the Beer 2013 turns the checkpoints of the rough tracks into beer-points and a grill party awaits all in the middle of the forest! All that action will begin friday, the 27th of september and will last until sunday, the 29th, as follows:


Friday, sep. 27th:

Meeting point is right where the hard prologue of “King of the Hill 2013” took place. Bonus: bicycle-jump in lake Ghioroc! In the evening- party, traditional stew, swimming in the indoor pool of Aquaclub Sirenne!

Saturday, sep. 28th:

We will enter the forest divided in groups based upon everyone’s experience- rookie,, hooby and pro- of course, right on the tracks of King of the Hill 2013! Sometime during the day we will be enjoying a beer and a fresh steak right on the workplace- in the woods! In the evening we will continue what we started a day before- party, stew, swimming and much more.

Sunday, sep. 29th:

Again Enduro, as hard as it gets, afterwards a cool beer in the woods and at the end of the day party until daybreak at Aquaclub Sirenne.

The participating fee is 100 RON or 25 Euros. For the ones who want to come with a camping van, the tax is 35 Euros- this price includes camping and guarded parkplace. For accomodation at Konak Pension for the whole duration of the event the price is 85 Euros (includes participation tax, accomodation and 2 meals/day).
Reservations can be made on Hard Enduro Clubs site, at the link

Posted by Paul Mos