KOTH 2020 – CANCELED for this year.

2020 seems to be the year of canceled events. Looks like our race must be canceled this time. The 8th edition of King of the Hill Hard Enduro will be held the next year 2021, same dates like always, the end of March, or the first weekends of April.

We tried to prepare the race for November, this year, but the African swine fever has hit the forests where King of the Hill tracks are. It is so bad, that the authorities had restricted the access into the woods for everyone for two months, so even if we had the tracks marked before the Sars-Cov2 pandemic, we had to take the markings out also. The time remaining for marking for the second time is too tight because of the banned access in the woods so we can’t risk having bad markings and to expose riders to risks.

Also, the Sars-Cov2 is still affecting traveling from a country to another (and we got many emails regarding that riders can’t pass the border) and the number of infected people in Romania is higher and higher every day, after a tough decision, we must CANCEL the event for this year.

All riders who paid the entry fee for this year will be automatically registered for the 2021 edition of KING OF THE HILL HARD ENDURO with no extra taxes!

Keep safe and ride smart!


Posted by Paul Mos